Air Filling In Moving Tyre

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In automobile sector we always try to make everything perfect around us and there are major problem is that puncture in tyre while running. We have developed tubeless tyres but that’s not a perfect solution, so there is a major need of improvement in this sector. In this paper self-inflating tyre system that ensures that tyres are properly filled at all times. Our design successfully implements the use of a portable compressor that will supply air to all tyres via hoses and a rotary joint fixed between the wheel spindle and wheel hub at each wheel. The rotary joints effectively pass air to be channeled to the tyres without the tangling of hoses. If pressure is below the desired, the compressor will refill in the tyre. If it is above desired, excess pressure will release through a valve. With the recent oil price growing concern of environmental issues, this system addresses a potential improvement in tyre wear reduction and an increase in handling & tyre performance in diverse conditions.
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