Alive human detecting robot used for natural disasters

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Natural calamities like Earthquakes, Tsunami and man made disasters bomb explosion, building collapse often occur and they cannot be stopped. Humans are getting increased knowledge in the concept of intelligent rescue operations in such calamities so as to save precious life and material, however calamities cannot be stopped. Still there are many natural and man-made disasters that occur all of a sudden. They produce a devastating effect and find no difference among human and material. Therefore many a times humans are buried among the detritus and it becomes impossible to detect them. Only a timely rescue can only save people those have been buried and wounded. Detection by rescue workers like policeman, fire fighters and medical services is time consuming because of the vast area that gets affected. Human rescuers must make quick decisions under stress and try to get victims to safety at their own risk. They need to gather and find the location, status of victims and the stability of the structures as fast and early as possible so that medics and fire fighters can enter the disaster area and save the victims. Mostly trained dogs and humans, perform all these tasks. This project proposes a mobile robotic vehicle that moves in the disaster prone area for detecting alive humans in such devasting environments and helps to identify the live people and rescue operations. In this project Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensor has been used.
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