Automated Air Pollution detection and Control

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Every vehicle has its own emission of gases, but the problem occurs when the emission is beyond the standardized values.The primary reason for this breach of emission level being the incomplete combustion of fuel supplied to the engine which is due to the improper maintenance of vehicles.This emission from vehicles cannot be completely avoided,but it definitely can be controlled.The aim of the project is to monitor and control the pollutants in the vehicle by using the pollution control circuit.This pollution control circuit consists of various sensors like smoke sensor, temperature sensor and GSM,GPS kind of devices, and all of them are integrated and connected to a Controller.It is a real time work where a demo application has been made in which ARM 7 processor is used and a controller board is made where all these devices get integrated and work accordingly.The vehicle is controlled by this circuit. When a vehicle attains certain threshold pollution level then the engine gets automatically switched off and an SMS is generated and sent to the pre-defined number stored in the memory through the GSM module. The GPS module is used to locate the vehicle position where it is halted.This paper demonstrates an effective utilization of technology by which we save our environment by controlling the pollution of vehicles.

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