Automatic Disease Prediction by using Fuzzy Inference System

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Health protection is the improvement of health via the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other mental impairments in human beings. This system is based on Fuzzy Logic, adopting Mamdani model as the fuzzy inference mechanism and list of medical diseases. With diseases like swine flu and dengue fever, chicken pox, on the rise, which have symptoms, are so closely associated that it sometimes become practically Herculean task to differentiate between the above-scribed diseases based on symptoms. Thus, it becomes inevitable to design such a system that would closely monitor the symptoms and infer the disease based on fuzzy inference system. This work is done by assigning different coefficients to each symptom of a disease and to predict and quantify the severity impact of the recognized disease. For predicting, the cure time of a disease, based on the symptoms. Perdition of cure time is clinically based on hypothetic studies and to estimate the cure time of a disease based on the symptoms. This system is inferring the current medical condition of a user relative to people who have suffered from the same disease.
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