Automatic Multi-level parking (AMLP)

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What if you had a foot print area of 50X50 feet and you were supposed to park 200 cars in it? After a while of using your grey cells, you would possibly stumble upon this idea called Multi-level car park (MLCP) . The idea of a structure designed particularly for Automobiles, having a number of floors or levels so as to facilitate parking. Just the way people stack up houses to make flats! Putting one over the other so as to maximize the use of the available space. In a MLCP you would have to seek a vacant parking slot and park your car exactly in the space provided and it might turn out to be an issue for amateur drivers! Moreover, retrieval of the car turns out to be a time consuming process. But, what happens it you are so lazy as to find the vacant parking bay and park your car in it? Don’t worry, because Automatic Mutli- level parking (AMLP) comes to bearing your laziness too. In an AMLP system you would just have to park your car in a central place and leave the rest to the operator who will feed in the vacant parking space slot number and instantly an elevator would take your car to the desired slot. When you wish to retrieve your car the operator pushes the button and down comes the elevator along with your car in a flash

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