Automatic Taxi Trip Sensing and Indicating System Through GSM

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Since existing taxi system are working manual, there is need to have automatic taxi trip system which would be easy and efficient. We aim to develop taxi system that allows customer to book a taxi whenever needed and commuting taxi to the destination with less cost and hassle. In order to provide a convenient means of traveling, we suggest that such a system needs to be implemented. The system set out for purpose to request, dispatch and route taxis to its customer using GSM. We propose an automatic taxi trip sensing and indication system through GSM for on desktop as well as android application for user usage. The taxi driver would have a GSM enabled mobile device which would assist in communication with the centralized system. The Green Cab system would get the current and destination location with arrival time details of the customer from SMS received from customer requesting taxi and also calculates fare and distance for the route. The system would then assign a driver from available taxis for the customer along with details of customer location sent to the driver through SMS (short message service). The system would also notify and sent the customer about the relevant details of the taxi driver for enhancing communication. Taxi then picks customer at the given time. The project aims to create a system that effectively gets taxi request and directs taxi to the specified customer. The system interface has been implemented using visual basic. The interface is easy to use and well design with requirements embedded. The results and implementation shows that desktop and mobile systems are easy to use, reliable and automated taxi transportation process. In short, its goal is to provide a user with the ability to call a cab from his cellphone with the use of SMS. The growing awareness of automated taxi trip sensing that will benefit in transportation and logistics to implement its solution to achieve various business and operational goals. It is beneficial to vehicles that follow specific route on a daily basis.
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