Bluetooth Data Aquisition System based on AVR

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This system is used for industrial application for remote operation of different units and monitors the operation of different equipments. Bluetooth has faster rate of data transfer so that the changes in the equipment can be noticed immediately. Atmel Versatile RISC processor which is incorporated in this module will take the control lead part. The slave and master communication is done here. The master will transfer the address and the slave will check the address and if the address is matched with the assigned address of the slave then the communication network bonds the master and slave. In industries most of the equipments require the conditions and parameters of it continuously.If the Bluetooth protocol is implemented in this place the then the data transfer can be done from the place where the module is placed to the control room. The module will transfer different parameters continuously with out any mismatch or interference of any external disturbances. This replaces the all cable protocol which reduces the place and external interference. The AVR controller has internal accesses to analog input so which is having a ten bit resolution in which we can get good precision compared to that of 8 bit controller and converters.The speed of the controller is also high so that it can easily match with the speed of the Bluetooth module. The communication network between these to devices is linked with the serial port which in inbuilt in the AVR controller. The data transfer and the communication link between the master and slave with the Bluetooth protocol. The master unit is connected to the computer is have the log status of all the parameters continuously for further verification and control of the equipment for the master control room.

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