Bluetooth operated Electromechanical Vehicle using Mobile Android app

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The mobile phone have become smarter with highly powerful processing units, increased storage capacity, improved entertainment features and utilities and comprising of easier communication methods. Bluetooth systems are mostly used for data transfer.Currently the Bluetooth devices are interfaced with the mobile phones. can be attached and interfaced with advanced mobile phones. Today robots are essentially used to do works that need high accuracy, and are used in those instances that are vulnerable on humans, like handling bombs etc. Robotic engineering is concerned with the study of machines and equipments that can replace human efforts in executing various processes, related to physical activities and interactive decision making. Robots was based on three elementary laws; first one that robots do not trigger any sort of harm to human beings. Second one, robot must follow the orders given by humans and of course consider the first law while complying with the order. Last one, robots must safeguard its occurrence, taking in mind the above two laws.In this paper the robot was controlled by the Bluetooth on its direction and process.

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