Brain Tumor Classification using Discrete Cosine Transform and Probabilistic Neural Network

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In this paper, a new method for Brain Tumor Classification using Probabilistic Neural Network with Discrete Cosine Transformation is proposed. The conventional method for computerized tomography and magnetic resonance brain images classification and tumor detection is by human inspection. Operator assisted classification methods are impractical for large amounts of data and are also non reproducible. Computerized Tomography and Magnetic Resonance images contain a noise caused by operator performance which can lead to serious inaccuracies in classification. The use of Neural Network techniques shows great potential in the field of medical diagnosis. Hence, in this paper the Probabilistic Neural Network with Discrete Cosine Transform was applied for Brain Tumor Classification. Decision making was performed in two steps, i) Dimensionality reduction and Feature extraction using the Discrete Cosine Transform and ii) classification using Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN). Evaluation was performed on image data base of 20 Brain Tumor images. The proposed method gives fast and better recognition rate when compared to previous classifiers. The main advantage of this method is its high speed processing capability and low computational requirements.

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