Bridgeless SEPIC Converter with a Ripple-Free Input Current

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In this project, the Single Ended Primary Inductor converter (sepic) is used to achieve high power factor with reduce input ripple current. The power factor correction is suffered from high conduction loss due to input bridge diode. The bridgeless sepic converter is used to avoid conduction loss. In switching period, the input current is proportional to the input voltage and achieved near unity power. In order to improve the efficiency, the input full-bridge diode is eliminated. With the proposed gate driving method, the efficiency is improved. In addition, the input current ripple of the proposed converter is significantly reduced by utilizing an auxiliary circuit consisting of an additional winding of the input inductor, an auxiliary small inductor, and a capacitor. The performance of the proposed Bridgeless SEPIC converter is validated through simulation using MATLAB software with its Simulink and Power electronics block set tools.

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