Bus identification system for visually impaired person

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Many developments have recently made noticeable changes in several domains. This paper will shed the light on
the field of transportation to improve the life quality of visually impaired persons (VIPs) using some of these
technologies such as Radio Frequency module. The Idea behind this paper is to develop a prototype that would
use the technological advancements to assist the daily commuters,especially visual impaired person to access
public transport.Furthermore, communication system architecture and an appropriate design for its components
will be proposed. This system will allow blind people to safely catch buses with the help of vibrating device,
alarm and a tactile interface through a wireless communication system between the transmitter and the receiver. VIPs will have the opportunity to get information about bus arrival and departure time as well as assist the bus operator to know the presence of a VIP on the road. The motivation behind this project is that buses are vital in enabling blind people to participate fully in society, access to facilities and services.

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