Car Door Opening Geometry for Enhanced Entry/Exit

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The aim of this project is to design a new concept of car doors opening mechanism which has remarkable advantage with comparison to existing mechanisms. The first step in this report and after analysing the defined problem cautiously a market analysis has been made in order to decide the best option. Regarding all possible solutions to design the door, a new mechanism which is similar to some that already exist on the market has been decided upon.The system is mainly concerned with a rail located in the middle of the chassis where the door can move freely through it. Moreover, a guide is fixed with screws at the bottom of the door and it works as an axle in which a piston moves along the guide making possible the opening and the locking of the door. The piston has a translational movement due to a rod in which there are two bearings that provide the rod with a rotating movement. In this manner, the rotating movement of the rod makes possible the translational movement of the piston along the guide. There is another part that completes the mechanism which is the base; this part supports the pin that connects the piston and the rod. The base is also fixed at the bottom of the door with screws, making easier the maintenance and a possible change in the mechanism if the user wants.Before the assembly of the 3D model, the most critical zones in the mechanism are studied. The 3D model is performed with the software called SolidWorks and the FEM (Finite Element Method) simulation is carried out by SolidWorks Simulation. The material selection is arranged to obtain the most suitable system for the requirements that have to be satisfied. Finally, all the results are presented to the University of Skövde for possible future works.

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