A Cell-to-Cell Battery Equalizer

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In conventional equalizers, the facts of bulky size and high cost are widespread. Particularly, the zero-switching loss and zero-voltage gap (ZVG) between cells are difficult to implement due to the high-frequency hard switching and the voltage drop across power devices. To overcome these difficulties, a direct cell-to-cell battery equalizer based on quasi-resonant LC converter (QRLCC) and boost dc-dc converter (BDDC) is proposed. The QRLCC is employed to gain zero-current switching, leading to a reduction of power losses. The BDDC is employed to enhance the equalization voltage gap for large balancing current and ZVG between cells. Moreover, through controlling the duty cycle of the BDDC, the topology can online adaptively regulate the equalization current according to the voltage difference, which not only effectively prevents overequalization but also abridges the overall balancing time. Instead of a dedicated equalizer for each cell, only one balancing converter is employed and shared by all cells, reducing the size and implementation cost. Simulation and experimental results show the proposed scheme exhibits outstanding balancing performance, and the energy conversion efficiency is higher than 98%. The validity of the proposed equalizer is further verified by a quantitative and systematic comparison with the existing active balancing methods.

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