Centralized Waste Segregation System

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This project develops a complete automatic waste dispose system which is very suitable for crowded cities. It employs both collection and segregation of waste. In this project, the collection part consists of specially designed waste baskets placed at road-sides in a fixed distance gap. An IR sensor pair is attached in top side of each basket and is wired with a microcontroller oriented system. Motors of waste removing conveyer belts are operated at time to time via program loaded in the microcontroller. When the IR-sensor sense, it means the basket fills and an automatic servo motor mechanism rotate the basket and put down the waste to the sub conveyer. The sub conveyer places the waste to the perpendicular main conveyer. Similarly each basket has each sub conveyers and all these moves the waste to main conveyers. The segregator part of the project is designed such that it sort the refuse into metallic, wet waste (bio-degradable) and dry (non-bio degradable) wastes. It employs parallel resonant impedance sensing mechanism to identify metallic items and capacitive sensor to distinguish between wet and dry waste.
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