Control And Integrated Half Bridge To Winding Circuit Development For Switched Reluctance Motors

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In this paper, a novel and low-cost converter circuit for switched reluctance motors (SRMs) is developed. The proposed converter circuit is based on two-pack switch modules and bifilar windings in switched reluctance generators. The number of two-pack switch modules used in the developed converter is only 50% of the number of ones used in conventional asymmetrical bridge converter. Furthermore, the developed converter can fulfill the operation modes of charging, freewheeling, and discharging. In addition, the hysteresis current control, single-pulse voltage control, and PWM voltage control are effective in this converter. The theoretical analysis, the simulated results, and the experimental results demonstrate the proposed converter circuit. Its main advantages are simple topology configuration, reduced number of two-pack switch modules, small size, low weight, and low cost.
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