Design and Development of a System via Sending a Real Time Data of Brain Signal to the Cloud Server for Neurosurgeon

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In this paper, we introduce a technology of human brain-computer interface (BCI) has potential extensibility in combination with ubiquitous environments. To use BCI in the ubiquitous environments, the BCI system must be implemented in mobile and common devices. We implemented a simple BCI composed of a compact brain sensor waveform recording application on a Smartphone. Because of using a Smartphone and its interface, the system can connect a BCI system with ubiquitous environments easily. Today’s scenario for the neuromuscular disease it is difficult for patient to visit from rural areas to the doctor in the city and to save the time for the diagnosis report of the brain. Our proposed system suggests that the brain signal will directly transfer to the cloud server and then it will transfer on the application which is used by doctor. This saves the time to generate report of the patient which is required by the doctor and it will also helps to doctor for checking number of patient in minimum amount of time.
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