Design and Fabrication of Geneva Conveyor for Material Inspection & Noise Reduction

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In our project we are using the Geneva conveyor for material handling and noise reduction in industries. It consists of motor, rollers, belt and IR sensor. Two rollers are mount on the stand, according to the required distance. The belt is mount on the rollers on which the materials are placed. The roller shaft is coupled with the Geneva drive. The Geneva drive shaft is coupled with the motor shaft, hence when power is supplied to the motor the rollers rotate with a certain time stoppage according to the Geneva drive and the belt moves along the rollers. Thus material handling is carried out. With the help of Geneva drive, the time stoppage can be achieved which avoids the use of stepper motor thus reduces the cost involved. The main aim of this project is to optimize the measuring length of work piece and to reduce the noise of conveyor. Normally the plug gauges are used to inspect the components. Instead of using manual inspection, automatic system via pneumatic comparators is used.
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