Dynamic Advertisement using GPS and GSM

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Advertisements have become an integral part of the marketing world and are designed to inform and motivate the customers about the desirable products and thereby helping marketers to reach a precise goal. In order to make these Ads location specific, we have designed this project which would not only make them more relevant but also personalized and targeted to a particular group of audience. This paper deals with Location-based Advertisements (LBA) system with emphasis on their applications in Public Transit Systems (Buses, Trains, Airplanes, etc.).This paper also proposes the design and implementation of a low-cost embedded system using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) technologies which displays these Ads on real-time information display system inside the vehicle. The objective of this review is to design a system which can be easily installed in any transit system and thus making efficient use of the technology.
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