Dynamic Speed Governor

SKU: 010024



Automotive vehicles must be equipped with collision avoidance systems for predicting the potential collision sequences, such as another vehicle or a pedestrian. Upon detecting a potential collision, such systems initiate an action to avoid the collision and/or provide a warning inside the cabinet. This system consist of a distance measuring system using ultrasonic waves utilizing the PIC microcontroller and transmits a burst of ultrasonic waves along the vehicle’s direction and then receives the corresponding echo from the objects ahead. An ultrasonic sound sensor is used to detect the arrival of the echo to the system. The time taken for the ultrasonic burst to travel the distance from the system to the object and back to the system is accurately measured by the microcontroller. It also provides a warning signal to the driver if the distance between vehicle and obstacle crosses a particular limit. It also monitors the speed of the vehicle and if the speed exceeds the limit of a particular obstacle distance, it throws a warning.

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