EEPROM Based Prepaid energy meter with auto cut off on no balance

SKU: 010367


Due to the drastic changes in technology in the last decade, so many advancements were introduced in electricity departments. The electricity bill can be paid now through ESeva centers, ATMs, Net-banking and even through mobile phones. But prepaid electricity is a unique and new concept which saves lot o time and a power for electricity department and consumer. In this system the user has to purchase an EEPROM based recharge card and it should be inserted in the slot provided on prepaid energy meter kit. After inserting the recharge card into the system the user should press RECHARGE key to start recharge. Then the system will be loaded with specific units as per the recharge card value. A 16X2 is provided to read units available. Here the system is connected with loads. If the load increases in the system, current also increases and is calculated by energy meter which counts the analog data and converts into digital which is sensed by controller and its corresponding count is also calculated. Whenever the count value reaches one thousand, 1unit is decremented from EEPROM and these values are displayed on LCD. An EEPROM is provided on the board to store the updated recharge units and energy meter pulse count. At every instant the count value and units values are stored in EEPROM so that the data will not be lost even in power failure cases. When balance of two units is reached a continuous beep is given by the system. When the recharged units become zero on power consumption, the system shutdowns all the loads. To use the system again the user has to reload the units by recharging the system. The user has to place this recharge card in slot provided to recharge. After pressing the recharge key, the system will be loaded with the units corresponding to that recharge value. After successful recharge, the load automatically gets ON. This system uses 5V regulated power supply for the microcontroller.
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