Embedded System for Monitoring and Control of Baby Incubator and Warmer with Local and Remote Access Features

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Telecommunication and information technology in healthcare can substantially improve the quality of care delivery system. Use of these technologies can help to change the approach from reactive to proactive healthcare. Further, bounds of distance and cost are reduced to cater more number of people at affordable costs. Incubators and radiant warmers are very common medical equipment used in neonatal hospitals. These are primarily heating devices that are used to keep newborn babies warm and help them to achieve thermoregulation in order to prevent diseases related to hypothermia. In this paper, design of a low-cost system for monitoring and control of incubator and radiant warmer is discussed. Vital parameters like air and body temperature, heart rate and humidity level are continuously measured. On basis of this a servo control is implemented to regulate the heat output of the heating element in the machine to maintain a constant temperature. Facility is provided to monitoring and control the machine locally using a touch screen based operators console as well as remotely over internet. A dedicated web server maintains the data in real time and give access to doctor or any authorized medical personal to monitor and control the machine. Facility is also provided to generate alarm both locally in terms audible notification and remotely in terms of a SMS. Completed system has been designed on Arduino Mega platform. Proposed system does not incur substantial rise in the cost compared to cost of existing machines without such facilities and is certainly a cheaper solution compared to such high-end machines available in market.
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