Energy Harvesting from Vibration using Hand-Held Battery

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We all familiar with famine of electricity in many of the places to running an appliances we need energy. As we know the three basic source of human life are Air, Water and Land. But now-a-days other most important part of human life is electricity. We all know that electricity can be generated by Water, Wind, Sound and Solar. Did you know that we can also generate electricity with the help of vibration.In our project we are procreating the electricity, by using piezoelectric effect we can generate electricity. We are replacing piezoelectric effect with handheld battery. Here handheld battery is used as a Vibration Sensor, Inverter and Microcontroller. Generation of electricity through the vibration in speed breaker mechanism is one of the most recent power generation concepts. This device converts the kinetic energy of the vehicles into electric energy. When a pressure is applied on the hand-held battery the turbine inside it rotates for 3 to 4 times and with the help of that rotation, electricity is generated. This is one of the best sources of energy that we get in day to day life. This type of energy can be stored and used again and again.

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