Experimental Investigation on Parametric Study of Gaseous Fuel Flow Parameters: Flame Length & Diameter

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Flame is an important parameter for any combustion process which is responsible for either the complete or incomplete combustion process. There are certain factors which influence the flame length and diameter such as fire source diameter or nozzle diameter, equivalence ratio, quality of fuel, heat release rate etc. Investigation of flame length and diameter is more relevance in the rational design of combustion chamber, be it for an internal combustion engine or for a furnace. For this the numerical simulation and experimentation of flame structure and its parameters like flame length and flame diameter is done. Numerical simulation is done by using ANSYS 14.5, CFD tool and CFX solver. Different mass flow rate and air-fuel ratio added in boundary condition to get the results. The numerical simulation result shows that as the air-fuel ratio increases the diameter and length of flame also increases. During the experimentation it was found that as increases A/F ratio flame length and diameter increases. Air availability is enough so heat generation is more than the heat loss so flame length and diameter is longer.
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