Exploiting Bluetooth on Android Mobile Devices for Home Security Application

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The remote appliances control system based on the Android smart phone GUI is designed on Android Smartphone. A user logs into the smart Android phone interface, and clicks the buttons gently to send message commands from the GUI which will be transmitted to home information center through the GSM network. Then the AVR AT mega processor recognizes the specified command, and controls the home appliance switches in the wireless radio frequency manner to achieve remote control of appliances ultimately. This seminar focuses on the design of Android terminal, the communication between PIC and GSM module, the realization of the wireless module device’s driver, the difficulty in supplying the appropriate low-voltage DC for MCU and wireless module just by a single live wire. The users can manipulate appliances anytime, anywhere, letting our houses become more and more automated and intelligent. There are some problems in the PC monitor terminal, such as its great bulk, inconvenience to carry, high cost, limited monitoring range and so on. Therefore, it’s a good choice to design a terminal based on phone.

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