Fabrication of an Advanced Wind Powered Augmented Electric Vehicle

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Power plays an important role in the field of Electronics as automation has created a bigger hype in the electronics. Wind energy has been used since the earliest civilization to grind grain, pump water from deep wells, and power sailboats. The wind turbine has many advantages that make it an attractive energy source, especially in parts of the world where the transmission infrastructure is not fully developed. It is modular and can be installed relatively quickly, so it is easy to match electricity supply and demand. The fuel – the wind – is free and plentiful, which eliminates or reduces the need to purchase, ship, and store expensive fuels. The presented paper mainly aims in designing a wind powered vehicle which is to control the vehicle (robot) using the wireless remote with RF technology. The Robot is powered using the wind energy. As it is a wireless Robot it can be easily mobilized and can be controlled very easily.
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