Fabrication of a Catalytic Converter for Automobile

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Increased vehicle emission is one of the most important issues that have drawn the attention of policy makers and environment alerts these days. The increasing no’s of automobiles playing on roads to day in our country is positioning a serious threat to the ecology, through its harmful pollutants also the fuel economy least maintained and low cost of the fuel have provoked the people to go for diesel vehicle several research has been made in the field of pollution control from automobiles and the research is still going on ,the research has been done an various sectors like in cylinder modification suitable doping of fuel and the exhaust after treatment through all these methods are aimed at one target yet the exhaust after treatment program has scored over the other methods. In my present investigation an attempt has been made to study the performance of various metal oxide catalyst a combustion of carbon monoxide and tri metal oxide catalyst in reducing the pollutant from four stroke C.I engine it has been found that a stable catalyst have been found through experimental that can act as a promising technology in future.
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