Fabrication on a Turbocharger in Two Stroke Single Cylinder Petrol Engine

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Turbochargers are used throughout the automotive industry as they can enhance the output of an internal combustion (IC) engine without the need to increase its cylinder capacity. The emphasis today is to provide a feasible engineering solution to manufacturing economics and “greener” road vehicles. It is because of these reasons that turbochargers are now becoming more and more popular in automobile applications. The new turbocharger is coupled to an air-water intercooling system to decrease the inlet air temperatures. This project analyzed the
intercooling system and tested the final design in the vehicle. The results show that the cooling system components purchased are adequate for this system. The aim of this paper is to provide are view on the techniques used in turbocharging used in two stroke
single cylinder petrol engine by this to increase the engine output and reduce the exhaust emission levels. This paper is to analyze a turbocharger system in a two stroke petrol engine. The ideal turbocharger design would be smaller than the system purchased. The paper will also create speed sheets for use in calculating the necessary parameters for another turbocharger system, or to modify the current system..

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