Fingerprint based ignition systems

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Human identification is field very significant and which has undergone rapid changes with time. An important and very reliable human identification method is fingerprint identification. Fingerprint of every person is unique. So this helps in identifying a person or in improving security of a system. Finger print of a person is „read‟ by a special type of sensor. Finger print sensor can be interfaced with a microcontroller.Through keypad we can add new user and delete the existing user, also identify the user by selecting corresponding option through keypad. In this paper we use a fingerprint module to read once identity to start the equipment. For this we use a microcontroller to enable the ignition system if the matching between scanned data and the already existing data is correct. Comparison is done inside the fingerprint module itself and its output is given to microcontroller. Result is displayed in a LCD display whether the user is
authorised or not.

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