Fingerprint Vehicle Starter Project

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Vehicle security is an important issue these days due to the rising number of vehicle thefts. Also one more issue with vehicles is handling its keys. Keys need to be carried and misplacing keys or loosing them will cause a serious issue. Here we propose a solution to this problem by using a fingerprint authenticated vehicle starter system. The system provides a secure and hassle free way to start/stop vehicle engine. User just needs to scan finger to start the car, no need to carry any key. The system only allows authorized users to start the vehicle. Users can first register into the system by scanning fingerprints. The system allows multiple users to register as authorized users. When into monitoring mode, the system checks for users to scan. On scanning, the system checks if user is authorized user and starts vehicle for authorized users only. Here we use an atmega 32 microcontroller. The fingerprint sensor is connected to the microcontroller and also we have an LCD display along with push buttons and starter motor. The motor is used to demonstrate as vehicle starter. This system automates as well as vehicle security using fingerprint based system.

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