Flexible DG System for Grid Power Quality Improvement Using L-Z Source Inverter

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This paper presents on the basis of L-Z source inverter. By using the power electronics converter, the distributed generating system is connected to the grid. This inverter has two inductors and three diodes in the main circuit. It boosts up the input DC voltage. The traditional inverters have capacitors in the main circuit which lead to many problems such as resonance produced in the circuit, voltage swell which can damage the devices, large volume, and reduced life time of the system. This inverter does not have capacitor in the main circuit and therefore reduces the problems present in traditional inverters. In the distributed generating system all the capacity of converters are not used for all time by reducing the harmonics. For the high range of distributed generating system normal dc-dc converter is not used and they need the special power converter for the interfacing with grid. For that, the L-Z-source inverter will be suited based on the performance. By reducing harmonics, the power quality of the grid to be improved. The proposed system is tested with the output results obtained by the MATLAB Simulink software.
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