Fuzzy Logic based Dual mode Mobile Robot

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Fuzzy Logic based dual mode mobile robot is a robotic arrangement which can operate in two modes; and it is very helpful in automation applications where we need self-analysis based execution of algorithms. Here the microcontroller is programmed with the most of possibilities and the corresponding actions that need to be taken in the application. In the time of application, the machine takes the readings and the algorithm (which is already programmed in the chip) run on that automatically. Then the solution programmed will get executed. It is a vehicle like arrangement which can move excluding obstacles in a self-reorganization way. Here ultrasonic sensors are used to find obstacles in the moving path and if a sensor finds any block in the way the robot automatically change the path of travelling. The second mode of operation is a line-following movement. Here ir-sensors are used to keep the path in the line given. A microcontroller control and co-ordinate all the parameters and an LCD display interfacing with it shows the readings for our reference. A video camera is mounted on the robot in order to relay sensory data to the control room. A tracking arrangement is also set-up and the information is relayed to PC by means of a ZigBee.
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