The Generic Design of a High-Traffic Advanced Metering Infrastructure Using ZigBee

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A multi-interface ZigBee building area network (MIZBAN) for a high-traf fi c advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for high-rise buildings was develop ed. This supports meter management functions such a s Demand Response for smart grid applications. To cater for the high-traf fi c communication in these building area networks (B ANs), a multi-interface man- agement framework was de fi ned and designed to coordinate the operation between multiple interfaces based on a newly de fi ned tree-based mesh (T-Mesh) ZigBe e topology, which supports both mesh and tree routing in a single network. To evaluate MIZBAN, an experiment was set up in a fi ve- fl oor building. Based on the measured data, simulation s were performed to extend the analysis to a 23- fl oor building. These revealed that MIZBAN yields an improvement in application-laye r latency of the backbone and the fl oor network by 75% and 67 %, respectively. This paper provides the design engineer with seven recommendations for a generic MIZBAN design, which will ful fi ll the requirement for demand response by the U.S. go vernment,i.e.alatencyoflessthan0.25s.
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