GSM based Vehicle Fuel Theft Detection System with SMS indication

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GSM based Vehicle Fuel Theft Detection System with SMS indication has application in Car, Bikes and all other vehicles. This project has a GSM modem which send sms to owner of vehicle when there is fuel theft going on. Vehicle Petrol theft is one of the main concerns of many bike owners and car owners. Many times we have heard or some of us have already faced that petrol from their bike or cars has been stolen. Main intention of this project is to avoid such situation. In SMS based petrol theft detection system, we have used a Level sensor to detect the petrol level in petrol tank. If the level goes below certain threshold level then this sensor gives a particular signal to the microcontroller. Then microcontroller turns on the buzzer and sends SMS to the car/bike owner. Microcontroller is a main heart or Central Processing Unit of the system. One question arises here is that what if we are driving our car or bike? In this case petrol or the diesel level will decrease which can trigger the microcontroller through the level sensor. To avoid this situation we have taken a signal from ignition key. Whenever the bike owner or car owner or driver inserts key into the ignition lock and switch it on then at that time a signal will be given to the microcontroller. This way microcontroller understands that the bike/car has been started and so it will not monitor fuel level. We have provided bike ignition key with this project. Level sensor is turned on only when the key is removed from the ignition lock. So once the person gets out of the car then he/she will remove the key and system is activated.
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