Hand Gesture Following Robot for Security

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Hand gesture following robot for security is designed using MATLAB and embedded technology. The Hand Gesture Following Robot for Security uses Mat lab image processing. The main components used are PC (MATLAB), microcontroller (Atmega328), Zigbee module, wireless video camera, video RF transmitter, RF tuner card, motor driver circuit and DC gear motors, PIR sensor, temperature sensor, fire sensor, GPS module, GSM module. Here image processing technique is used to control the movement of the robotic car using motors in areas which are hazardous and isolated. Hand gestures are used to control the movement of the robotic car. The control commands are sent to microcontroller using Zigbee module. The DC gear motors drive the robotic car. It consists of a wireless video camera which monitors the surroundings and communicate that data to the pc using RF tuner card. The PIR sensor in the car can be used to find humans in situations where a disaster has occurred and it is difficult to find people around using the camera, since there may be people under collapsed building. The location of the robotic car can be found using GPS module and the GSM module can be used to send message to mobile about the sensor output details and location of the robotic car. It has variety of applications like in defence, as spy robot, for search missions in natural disaster occurred area, in mining fields where humans can go inside, in house hold security, for surveillance of specific areas like industries etc.
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