Hazardous Gas & Mine Detecting Robot

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Robots are being used now-a-days for a variety of purposes, which replaces humans work. Wireless communicating robot is a new generation type in robotics field in which researches are being held in order to improvise in those areas where these robots can increase their manoeuvrability and feasibility. The gas detecting robot is a new generation robots which provides an answer to the problems of coal mines and provide an ease to the militant operations in war fields. The gas detecting robot has many uses, such as, it can detect hazardous gas as well as mines in the war fields. The wirelessly controlled robotic vehicle is attached with sensors and a camera which helps in capturing the detailed video of the surroundings to a system. The robot is implemented with the help of Bluetooth which helps in sending the details of the system surroundings.This kind of robot is controlled by a remote controller which helps in the movement of robot in terrains

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