Hydraulic hybrid system for four wheeler

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This paper presents a hydraulic hybrid vehicle drive train to improve the fuel efficiency of a passenger car. The hydromechanical system demonstrates excellent fuel economy potential, yet requires development work in the area of pump/motors with high efficiency at low displacement fractions. The fuel consumption of off-road machines is strongly reduced if part load operation of the engine and throttled control of the hydraulic implements are avoided. This is the aim of the Hydrid a full hybrid hydrostatic drive train and control system. The Hydrid has hydraulic accumulators for energy storage and power management, hydraulic transformers for efficient power control, and highly efficient and compact in-wheel motors. System behavior demonstrates that the new control strategy takes advantage of high power density and efficiency characteristics of hydraulic components, and minimizes disadvantages of low energy density, to achieve enhanced overall efficiency.EPA is leading the development of hydraulic hybrid vehicles. This breakthrough technology can cost-effectively reduce emissions and drastically reduce fuel consumption while maintaining or improving performance. A delivery vehicle is an excellent application for hybrid technology since its service cycles involve numerous braking events. Hydraulic hybrid technology has significant commercial potential for a wide range of medium-sized vehicles such as urban delivery trucks, shuttle/transit buses, and waste disposal vehicles.

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