Implementation of a Subtalar Joint in Low-cost Prosthetics

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This project seeks to generate a low-cost alternative solution for patients with lower leg amputations in developing countries such as India. Existing low cost solutions focus primarily on the true ankle joint, as its range of motion is the most important to normal gait. Although an important aspect of ankle motion, low cost designs fail to address the subtalar joint because of the additional cost and complexity. As a result, the system lacks the range of motion and shock absorption inherent to the biological system. Our design explores the subtalar joint, and create a low-cost substitution that can mimic many of its properties. Allowing for further axes of rotation that better mimic the articulation of both the subtalar joint and true ankle joint will better emulate the natural movement of the ankle. Thus, this project aims to reduce the resulting stress of the prosthetic and test if this will lead to increased longevity of the device and comfort to the patient.
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