Internet Based Telemetry

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This experiment is to develop and implement an Internet Based Telemetry system. Telemetry is a science of automatically measuring or recording data from one or more instruments and transmitting them over a distance. The transmission of the data can be done over wires or radio waves but this experiment is implementing transmission of the data through the Internet. The system is consisting of Local Portion and Remote Portion. In the Local Portion, data are collected from external measuring devices (EMD) and interfaced to be stored into a Local Computer, which is connected to the Internet and functions as a Server. In the Remote Portion, it consists of any Remote Computer that can access to the Internet and are able to access to the data from the Local Computer (the Server) through the Internet. Hardware comprising a PIC Microcontroller applied in Interfacing Circuits is developed to enable communication between the EMD and the Local Computer. Software programs are also developed for getting data and presenting Web Pages to the user at both the Local and Remote computers. With the Internet Based Telemetry system, measured data can
be accessed globally.

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