IOT based load control over standalone Wi-Fi

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The main purpose of this project is to control any load through the Internet network over cloud remotely on the basic principle of the Internet of things (IOT). For this real-time scenario we use webpage with user configurable front end to control and monitor the load. The data sent from from a password protected webpage returns commands through allotted IP fed to it. A Wi-Fi Module is configured with any nearby wireless modem to access internet. The received internet commands are fed to the Wi-Fi module. The program within the Wi-Fi Module execute the received commands based on which the load gets activated through TRIAC and Opto-coupler interfaced to Wi-Fi Module. The status of the load also will be displayed on the web page. Here in this project program in written within the Wi-Fi module, No extra microcontroller has been used to drive the load. The power supply consists of 5V SMPS board and 3.3V voltage regulator for a Wi-Fi module. 5V SMPS board will give 5V DC out from 230V AC, this we fed to 3.3V voltage regulator which supply power to Wi-Fi module and remaining circuit.

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