Manufacturing and Characterization of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Propeller Shaft

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The ultimate purpose of the project is to manufacture a composite shaft using lathe machine (conventional method). For this process, we have designed a special lathe attachment over which our fiber will be worn over. We use a E- glass fiber and the solution is a epoxy resin mixed with hardner. Intially the fiber is taken to the required amount and weighed. The equitant amount of epoxy resin is weighed. Then 10% of weight of hardener to epoxy resin is mixed. The lathe attachment consists of a resin bath in which the resin is poured. The fiber is made to dip into the resin bath, so that the fiber is completely covered with resin. On the other end of the attachment , the fiber with resin is taken out and rolled over the mandrel ( stainless steel rod of required dimension ) .The mandrel is intially wound with butter paper and coated with wax ( For easy removal). As the fiber to the rolled over the mandrel with engage the tool post with lead screw. The required gear attachment for the lead screw speed is set. The Lathe is rotated at the least speed. The required number of windings on the mandrel is given by moving it back and forth. Them the mandrel is removed from the chuck and made to dry. After this process, the mandrel is removed by taking out the butter paper. We get a hallow shaft which is made by compound material i.e. fiber and epoxy resin. The product is of improved strength and is used for the replacement of propeller shafts. This is a conventional way of fabricating a composite shaft with the help of lathe machine. The design of part of it is the special lathe attachment.
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