Mechanical Project Documentation on Forged Steel and Powder Metal Connecting Rods

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This Forged Steel and Powder Metal Connecting Rods project compares and examines exhausted action of counterfeit powder and steel metal to connect the rods. The literature study on many methods to connect rods in the fields of stress and load durability, analysis, construction, and growth is also offered. The connecting rods are broadly utilized in many engines like cylinder engines, in-line engines, oppose-piston engines, and radial engines. The rod includes shank section, pin-end, and crank-end. The crank-end pinholes and Pin-end present at the ends are functioned to allow correct setting of bearings. These holes are arranged in parallel position. The rod is attached to the piston with the help of piston pin. The connecting rod converts transverse movement to rotational movement. It is linked to the function of engine for repetitive cyclic motions. It must be powerful to fix within loading. It is gathered for the gas and mass forces. It is generally manufactured for infinite life period and the model criterion has limited power. It exits compression, axial tension, multi-directional bending, constant amplitude loading, inertia force, torque, variable amplitude, and moment are done by engine speed.

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