Microprocessor controlled compliance monitor for eye drop medication

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The effectiveness of a self administered eye drop medication can only be assessed if the compliance is known. The authors studied the specificity and sensitivity of a new microprocessor controlled monitoring device. The monitoring system was conducted by an 8 bit microcontroller for data acquisition and storage with sensors measuring applied pressure to the bottle, temperature, and vertical position. 10 devices were mounted under commercial 10 ml eye drops. Test subjects had to note down each application manually. A total of 15 applications each within 3 days was intended. Manual reports confirmed 15 applications for each of the 10 bottles. The monitoring devices detected a total of 149 events; one was missed; comprising a sensitivity of 99%. Two devices registered three applications, which did not appear in the manual protocols, indicating a specificity of about 98%. Refrigerated bottles were correctly identified. The battery lifetime exceeded 60 days.

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