Non Isolated High Step Up DC-DC Converter for Renewable Energy Sources

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This paper proposes that, the input voltages in DC-DC converters are step-up without using a transformer. The drawbacks of a conventional boost converter are, at high duty cycles it cannot have any control over input current, it draws considerable amount of current from the source which can create problems for other components and the voltage stress across the switch comes nearly equal to output voltage with electrical parameters such as voltage gain, power loss and switch voltage stress. These problems can be overcome in the proposed topology discussed in the paper. The comparison is performed between conventional boost converter and boost converter with improved topology. The proposed converter design and its implementation are given with operational results and the results are tested for an input voltage of 12V. The proposed topology is presented by taking the input from the renewable energy source like PV-panel. The topology was implemented in MATLAB/ SIMULINK environment.
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