Nurse Robo

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Recent progress in robotics has enabled us to start developing humanoid robots that interact with people and support their daily activities. This paper reports the use of a robot that provide multiple functions like medicine reminding, automatic pill supply, patient health monitoring and bringing things closer to the patients as per their command .A microcontroller based system interfaced with a Keypad, RTC, RFID reader, GSM modem, health condition monitors, RF transmitter and receiver sections, motor drivers and dc motors is used in this project. Medicine time reminder uses the time and code set via keypad to work. When RTC time matches with the set time, the arm moves through the medicine-rows via motor driven tires. A proper code matching causes the robotic arm to pick and place the medicine to the basket attached to it and moves towards the patient. A small microcontroller unit attached with a joystick or keypad can be used by the patient to command the arm to bring things closer to him. A GSM modem helps to send message regarding health condition of the patient to the mobile phone of the doctor or relative. A LCD display giving visual output to all the processes and a special battery backup doubles the robustness and error correction capability of the system.
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