Object Counter for Conveyor

SKU: 010344


This project is designed to count moving objects on a conveyer belt using IR sensors and to display the counting information on a 7-segment display. This project uses IR sensor consisting of transmitter and receiver, which are kept exactly opposite to each other across edges of the belt. The transmitting part emits modulated IR light, which is received by the receiver connected to the microcontroller of the 8051 family. If an object passes between the sensors, then the microcontroller gets an interrupt signal (from IR sensors) to increment the count. The count is displayed on the 7-segment display. The countdown can also be achieved with the movement of objects in reverse direction. This project can be used in large scale industries like cement factories, transport industries, and so on. This project in future can be implemented by adding a warning system so that if the total number of objects exceeds the container carrying capacity, then an alarm is generated by the device.
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