Performance Test on SI engine by Peltier Air preheating along with Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery system

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In current situation there is a rapid increase worldwide problem regarding fast economy development and subsequent short in energy, greenhouse effect has been increased
recently to very high level within a short period of time thus leading to damage of ozone layer which might take several million years to recover. Out of the total heat supplied to the engine in the form of fuel,approximately, 30 to 40% is converted in to useful mechanical work; the
remaining heat is expelled to the environmental pollution, so it is required to utilize waste heat
in to useful work. The recovery of waste heat not only conserves fuel but also reduces greenhouse effect. The concept of increasing the fuel efficiency of petrol engine by preheating the intake air of the engine through carburettor. The humidity in the air affects the petrol
vaporization in the carburettor. Therefore by preheating air to the carburettor to a considerable amount evaporation can be made easy and in turn complete combustion is being achieved. Thus a preheating system is being used which recover the heat from the exhaust gases
through heat exchanger which recovers the heat, in order to improve the heat of the intake air an additional preheating element is being added to the setup which is being powered by the battery.

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