Position Control for Two Wheel Mobile Robot

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In two-wheel mobile robot various interrupt handling mechanisms such as timer overflow interrupts, timer compare interrupts, serial interrupts for doing specific tasks. In this research, we will have interrupt concept and will implement external hardware interrupts for position estimation of robots using position encoders. Interrupts that flow of the program and cause it to branch to ISR (Interrupt Service Routine). ISR does the task that needs to be done when interrupt occurs. Whenever position encoder moves by one tick it interrupts the microcontroller and ISR does the job of tracking position count. Each interrupt has a vector address assigned to it low in program memory. When the interrupt occurs, the program completes executing its current instruction and branches to the vector location associated with that interrupt. When an interrupt occurs, the return address is stored on the system stack. The RETI Assembly language instruction causes the return address the stack and continue program execution from the point where it was interrupted where position encoders which give position and velocity to the robot in the form of feedback. In this robot control position and velocity in a closed loop .In the position encoder which consists of optical encoder and slotted disc assembly. We get square wave signal where pulse count position and time period indicates velocity when this slotted disc moves in between the optical encoders.

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