Process Optimization in Turmeric Heat Treatment by Design and Fabrication of Blancher

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The manufacturing of Curcumin and Oleoresin in turmeric process treatment by traditional methods is studied and an introduction of new method of treatment by design, fabrication and evaluation is done in the process plant established in MAU campus .The process results in quality improvement in turmeric ingredients such as loss of color in cur cumin reduced to 1% and also other factors such as time, overall labor cost and fuel was reduced. Turmeric steam cooker is designed, fabricated and installed for the experiments to be conducted to study and evaluate the traditional method with the proposed one .It is observed that in the steam cooking process the material handling system is easy and comfortable, no trampling of cooked rhizomes, fuel required 87kg/batch of 300kg mass, which less than half of the traditional method. The loss of color observed in cur cumin, which is 1.5 to 2.5% in steam cooking whereas in boiling it is 1.6 to 3.5%. Thus the process of steam treatment is suggested to the turmeric business which is beneficial to farmers and turmeric process industries
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