A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IoT Environment

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A sensor interface device is essential for sensor data collection of industrial wireless sensor networks (WSN) in IoT environments.However,thecurrentconnectnumber,samplingrate, and signal types of sensors are generally restricted by the device. Meanwhile, in the Internet of Things (IoT) environment, each sensor connected to the device is required to write complicated and cumber- some data collection program code. In this paper, to solve these problems, a new method is proposed to design a recon fi gurable smart sensor interface for industrial WSN in IoT environment, in which complex programmable logic device (CPLD) is adopted as the corecontroller.Thus,itcanreaddatainparallelandinrealtimewith high speed on multiple different sensor data. The standard of IEEE1451.2 intelligent sensor interface speci fi cation is adopted for thisdesign.Itcomprehensivelystipulatesthesmartsensorhardware and software design framework and relevant interface protocol to realizetheintelligentacquisitionforcommonsensors.Anewsolution is provided for the traditional sensor data acquisitions. The device is combined with the newest CPLD programmable technology and the standard of IEEE1451.2 intelligent sensor speci fi cation. Perfor- manceoftheproposedsystemisveri fi edandgoodeffectsareachieved in practical application of IoT to water environment monitoring.
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