Relay-Assisted Wireless Communication Systems in Mining Vehicle Safety Applications

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Relays enabled with multiuser MIMO techniques have great potential to mining vehicle safety applica tions. How- ever, they are yet to be practical due to high scheduling overhead in mobile, radio-unfriendly, mining environments. A new decentral- ized relay-assisted multiuser MIMO approach is proposed, which cuts the overhead by 80% and enabl es relay-assisted multiuser MIMO to be implemented in practice. This approach is a new distributed participatory downlink trans mission method, where both the relays and destinations participate in the scheduling de- cisions. A new recursive algorithm is also developed to optimally quantize the channel conditions of the v ehicles, thereby mini- mizing the feedback requirement. Analytical results, con fi rmed by simulations, show that the proposed approach is able to achieve 97.6% of the sum-rate upper bound o f the network, using only three bits to characterize the channel condition of each vehicle. In terms of throughput, the proposed decentralized scheme can perform 45.2% better than the ex isting centralized scheme. The proposed approach is compatible with industrial communication standards and can be implemented with commercial industrial communication systems.
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